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My life after loss

Hello my name is Slade Shaw. I am married and a mother to my 3 beautiful children. Tyler my beautiful angel who and my 2 sons Brodie and Hudson. Tyler was killed in a car crash. She was a passenger. The crash was on the 4th of September 2013. Her birthday is the 9th of September. She turned 20 whilst in a coma. Tyler fought for her life for 26 days before dying on September 30th 2013.  My life has changed forever.
My family is my world and they are what keep me going every day.
I’ve had a really tough time since Tyler died. I have been very unwell with the pain of grieving. Grief took over my life, my body, my mind … I lost myself. After 5 years I have found something to do with my life that I am very passionate about. I don’t want anyone who loses a loved to not know about “Love me Always” I want to be able to give some comfort to those who are grieving. To those who are missing their loved one……..

“Tyybunny” was Tyler’s Instagram name. I’ve named a collection in honour of my beautiful Tyybunny.  I hope to be able to create lots memorable pieces to bring people some comfort knowing their loved one is close. 

Since Tyler has died I have become a volunteer with 2 organizations.  The Humanitarian Clowns and Teenagers Road Accident Group also known as TRAG. Both I am so very passionate about.  Please take the time to have a look at my stories on these 2 organizations on my web site.

Love me always


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Teenagers Road Accident Group After Tyler died  I became a volunteer with Teenagers Road Accident Group (TRAG). I came across this organisation when I was looking for a support group of parents who had lost a child to road trauma. I found TRAG and this has been my calling. I never ever imagined that I would publicly speak about my trauma. We present to over 4000 students per year. We present at the Mornington Community Theatre and Casey Grammar during June and July each year. Here we have schools attend


While having lunch with my dear friend Julie, it was a bitter sweet moment. A great catch up but our final good bye. I said to Julie I thought that she needed to have fingerprint jewellery created for her children. I expressed how much my piece with Tyler’s fingerprint impression means to me. Weeks went by and I was holidaying with my family. I kept thinking about this. After lots of champagne and conversations with some friends they encouraged me to start my own business. Julie also encouraged me as


My very close friend Chris had been told her beautiful Hushanda Polly had leukaemia. Polly lived with this for 9 months when the time came for her to be put to sleep and go over the rainbow bridge. Polly will be running through the meadows with her ears flapping with all her besties and Hushanda brothers and sisters. She is so truly missed by her family. I wanted to create Polly’s toe impression in a special piece for Chris to wear close to her heart. I’ve named the pet collection

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