Previous Next I volunteer with The Humanitarian Clowns. The organisation came to us when Tyler was fighting for life in hospital. They did what they call “A Random act of Clowness” for our family. Bringing Clown noses and vouchers to help us out during this difficult time. The Humanitarian Clowns renamed the act to “Tyler Shaw Random Act of Clowness” in honour of Tyler after she died. The Humanitarian Clowns also have an Indian Chapter. Clowns who volunteer from all over the world visit India for 3 weeks a year. […]

My very close friend Chris had been told her beautiful Hushanda Polly had leukaemia. Polly lived with this for 9 months when the time came for her to be put to sleep and go over the rainbow bridge. Polly will be running through the meadows with her ears flapping with all her besties and Hushanda brothers and sisters. She is so truly missed by her family. I wanted to create Polly’s toe impression in a special piece for Chris to wear close to her heart. I’ve named the pet collection […]

While having lunch with my dear friend Julie, it was a bitter sweet moment. A great catch up but our final good bye. I said to Julie I thought that she needed to have fingerprint jewellery created for her children. I expressed how much my piece with Tyler’s fingerprint impression means to me. Weeks went by and I was holidaying with my family. I kept thinking about this. After lots of champagne and conversations with some friends they encouraged me to start my own business. Julie also encouraged me as […]