Impression Fees

A fee of $150 will be charged to come and take the fingerprint impression. If it is further than 50 km from the Mornington Peninsula an extra travel time fee may apply. This fee must be paid prior to or at the time of the fingerprint impression.

All pieces are priced accordingly to the size of the piece and the amount of work involved. Prices will be confirmed prior to taking the impression. For an estimate please contact love me always.

A deposit of 50% is required at the time of signing your order.

The clarity of every print is different. As this is all hand-crafted the pressure of the impression may vary with each piece. Some people have more swirls than others. Babies prints are not as strong as older children. Sometimes elderly people can be less detailed. But you will see the print I take at the time of the impression. Sometimes I may take it a couple of times to try and get a better impression. If your loved ones print is not very clear you can be assured that you will see the indentation from the finger… this is just as precious!

Jewellery Prices start at $190 for a Small size piece.

Lots of shapes and designs can be created to your desire.  If it is something different to traditional designs pricing may vary.  You will always be given a quote prior to signing your order form.  Feel free to message me or call me regarding prices on any pieces.