Today is a gift...tomorrow is not a promise

Our beginning

My passion for “Love me always” has come from my heart. My broken heart. After my daughter passed away my life changed forever. I had a piece of jewellery with my daughter’s fingerprint created for my boys, my husband and myself. It is the most precious piece I have. I wear it always. It is my connection to my child. I feel her touch when I touch her print. It makes me feel close to her. Makes me feel she is always with me. It saddens me that other’s who have lost a child or a loved one and never knew this precious gift was available. This is why “Love me always” was born. To be able to give people who have lost a loved one this precious gift. To be able to always feel their touch.
Our lives can change in a split second. 
A loved one is gone and our lives are shattered. Remember a life, hold them 
close to your heart.

Slade Shaw